About Romanda.org:

Romanda.org has been in the business of creating, maintaining, and updating web sites since 1997. Specializing in helping the small business as well as churches create a presence on the internet.

We can help you if you are a 10 member church, a 1 person office, or a 13000 member church, or a large company with multiple offices.  We can help bring your unique style, and sensibility into your web site.

We have created a great protected database setup that allows you to keep your web site up-to-date.  One of the biggest problems on the internet today is having old or out-of-date info on your web site.  This format allows you to login, and using a very simple web-based interface, add, edit, maintain your web site's content.

School Websites:

We worked with a local elementary school to setup a web site that allows each school's teachers to update events, and info for their subjects.  It worked so great with the first school that it was used on; that it was implemented district-wide.

Their main site is located on their schools server, only the inside frame of data is located on my system, with a custom database.

It allows all the schools to have a common look and feel without the school having to create a ton of pages, etc.

The main page has a calendar of the upcoming week's events, as well as those events expanded, and a list used to take them to other pages on their system.  The other pages allow for them to have as many grades, subjects, etc. without having to add a single page to the actual server, its all driven by the database setup.

So if you need to improve your schools web site, please contact us, we can help.

Church Websites:

We have worked with very small to very large churches.  Churches have very unique needs, chiefly being able to have visitors and members find the information they need.  Setting up Events, Ministry pages, Even Slide Shows photos of happenings.  It doesn't matter how big your church is, we can work with you to make your church's web site as unique as your church.

We have a great database system that allows you to have your church site up and running and fully customizable in no time.  You can have multiple logins allowing people to access different ministry areas, or just a single login that allows that one person to change it all.

Having a great looking church site doesn't do any good if the information on the site is out of date, or worse wrong.  Having an EASY to use and Simple database front-end allows anyone that can use a web based form like a word document, to keep your site looking great!

If your church is ready to move to a better setup, please contact us, we can help.